Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Luxen Army!

Okay so I'm about to go all "ohmygod" and freak out again over the awesomeness of Jennifer Genius Armentrout. 
Btw that ISN'T actually her real middle name, but it totally should be. I love her. She's my girl author crush. She should be everyones crush, and if you don't like her well you're an idiot.
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Nah I love you all, I promise I won't think you're a moron if you don't like her (even though you are).
But in all seriousness, she is my number 1 author EVER. If I could meet anyone in the world, i'd choose her, or the Queen. Because how cool would it be to meet the Queen?!

ANYWAY, I recently became a Commanding General of the Luxen Army, and head of the UK branch

(Because I am just that awesome.)

This was my exact reaction
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For any of you that don't know what on earth i'm talking about when I say Luxen Army, then I look down from my perch up high and shake my head distastefully.
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Dishonour to you and your family. 

Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow! photo tumblr_ljpd23aWY71qzd0h3o1_500.gif

I joke.

The Luxen Army is from the unbelievably ahmayzing Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout. There are 3 books so far: Obsidian, Onyx and Opal.

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Obsidian is the first and in my opinion the best. Even though Daemon is a total JACKASS (that's not really a spoiler as you find that out in the first chapter!)
But he's a freakin hot jackass, in the most addictive series ever written by anybody in the history of anything. As in, forget your kids, refuse to eat, do no cleaning, see no man UNTIL you've finished reading these books.
The 4th one, Origin (WHICH IS STILL COVERLESS) Is out in August. I am COUNTING down the days. The last one finished on a cliffhanger, and I am trying not to die waiting for Origin. I love Katy so much, she just seems like such a feisty, attractive, funny, sassy, sparky girl. Man, Jennifer, why did you make her so perfect?
And don't get me started on Daemon. Ohmygazeebus, I would trade my unborn child for Daemon. I am only 18 and not even in a relationship, and I am DEFINITELY not pregnant, but I would sign a contract to say the Jennifer Armentrout or Hades could have my first child if I could have Daemon, even for a day. But if I had him for a day, i'd make sure he could never leave. I'd lock him up in the cupboard under my stairs like Harry Potter to keep him safe in my house. Heck, I'd lock myself in the cupboard with him!

Back to Origin.

This is 100% what I WILL be doing on August 27th.

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Counting down the days. I want the book. I NEED the book.
I'm trying so hard not to give away any spoilers, but My Luxen Lordy I want to.

Anyway, yes. Luxen Army. We are currently in the process of finishing off a Luxen Army website! There are 4 of us generals, and we are all unbelievably amazing. We're the best people ever.
Sort of like Barney from How I Met Your Mother, but more awesome and ALL girls.

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So we have both a facebook GROUP and a facebook PAGE.

ALSO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go give some love to Jennifer Armentrout.
She seriously is the best person in the entire world.

I will keep you all updated on Luxen Army biz-shizz (remind me to never say that again) but until then, continue reading, and if you haven't read the Lux series?
Ciao for now, betches :)
Much love. x

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